Employee Ownership:

The Story of A Yard & A Half Landscaping Cooperative

The Timeline

Eileen Michaels founded A Yard & A Half Landscaping Company in Waltham, MA
Eileen transitioned the company to a Worker Cooperative, transferring ownership to the workers

The "Why"

  • Eileen wanted to retire, but didn't want to just close the doors or sell off the parts
  • The Worker Cooperative would preserve a locally owned, safe workplace in an industry where workers often face exploitation and dangerous working conditions
  • Eileen would get paid full fair market value and preserve the jobs of her workers

The "How"

  • Eileen put together a management team and began teaching them what it took to run the business
  • The workers bought out Eileen, who received full fair market value for the business
  • The transition was financed by a series of loans, to be paid back over time by the Worker Co-op

Within 5 years of the transition, annual revenue increased $1.2 million.

The Pittsburgh Citywide Task Force on Employee Ownership

A partnership between Pittsburgh City Council, the Mayor’s Office, Chatham University, and the nonprofit PaCEO

The PaCEO exists solely to teach people about employee ownership

Pennsylvania Center for Employee Ownership

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