Pittsburgh Citywide Task Force on Employee Ownership

The Pittsburgh Citywide Task Force on Employee Ownership will bring together stakeholders from local government, state government, economic development groups, nonprofits, businesses, banks, and higher education.

We are creating something that can dramatically change the lives of Pittsburghers for the better. And it will be a model for municipalities throughout the nation.

Goals and Objectives

Assess the economic landscape in the Council Districts of Pittsburgh to determine the opportunities/challenges for the creation of employee owners. Who are the target businesses?

Design a plan for communicating the value and benefit of employee owners to potential individuals and businesses. How do we share information, get into the neighborhoods?

Create a “Toolkit” that allows interested businesses and individuals to both learn and take steps to convert to employee ownership. What are the systems and methods we need to compile to give to potential businesses?

Design a funding model for both ESOPs and Co-Ops that makes employee ownership possible and practical. How do we create a funding model that truly assists?

Look at potential legislative opportunities to both promote and enable the growth of employee ownership. What might the role of government be? What have other municipalities/states accomplished? 

Members of the Task Force

  • Dan Adley, KTA-Tator
  • Charita Bush, KTA-Tator
  • Anthony Coghill, Pittsburgh City Council
  • Tom Croft, Steel Valley Authority
  • Moira Egler, Office of Erika Strassburger
  • Rosalie Evans, PaCEO
  • Lt. Governor John Fetterman
  • Dr. David Finegold, Chatham University
  • Leah Friedman, City of Pittsburgh
  • Ron Gaydos, Pittsburgh Chamber of Cooperatives
  • Representative Valerie Gaydos, PA State House
  • Deborah Gross, Pittsburgh City Council
  • Henry Horn-Pyatt, Office of Mayor William Peduto
  • Representative Sara Innamorato, PA State House
  • Julie Lane, PNC Bank
  • Todd Leverette, Democracy at Work Institute
  • Tom Link, Urban Redevelopment Authority
  • James Lomuscio, Honeycomb Credit
  • Kevin McPhillips, PaCEO, Co-Chair
  • John Seiffer, CEO Bootcamp
  • Erika Strassburger, Pittsburgh City Council, Co-Chair
  • Julie Strickland-Gilliard, Office of the Lt. Governor
  • Mike Vidra, Tech Met, Inc.
  • Dr. Trevor Young-Hyman, University of Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania Center for Employee Ownership

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