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Employee Ownership is good for you your business your employees Pennsylvania


Employee ownership is a business model in which employees own shares of the businesses stock.

Employee ownership serves many different goals:

Increasing businesses profits
and productivity

Offering significant tax breaks for the business

Creating jobs and keeping businesses here in Pennsylvania

Providing a ready buyer and a robust succession plan for current owners

Fighting the wealth gap and providing real retirement savings

Employee Ownership for Businesses

  • Employee ownership has many forms.  Two of the main forms are Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) and worker cooperatives.
  • In both, employees are given a financial stake in the business. As the business prospers, employees prosper.
  • This creates increased employee engagement and therefore an average 8% increase in productivity.

Employee Ownership for Communities

  • Employee ownership keeps businesses and jobs in our state.
  • It builds community wealth and improves business performance.
  • When people have access to good jobs and secure financial futures, the local economy benefits.

The Power of Employee Ownership

Pennsylvania is full of amazing stories of employee ownership success!

“In just the 4 years since the ESOP was formed, the number of employees at Tech Met has almost doubled, from 23 to 42. The value of the company has more than tripled."
Mike Vidra, CEO
Tech Met, Inc.
“It’s not a sense of ownership, it’s genuine ownership - the employees have a completely different mentality. Employee rollover is essentially non-existent. We’ve got career chefs, career cooks, career bartenders."
Matteo Rachocki, CEO
Voodoo Brewery

Pennsylvania Center for Employee Ownership