Together we can bolster Pennsylvania businesses, create a rational economy, and change lives


Employee ownership is a business model in which employees collectively own a percentage of the business for which they work

Employee ownership creates jobs and keeps businesses here in Pennsylvania
Increases businesses profits and productivity
Provides a ready buyer and a robust succession plan for current owners

Strengthens communities

Fights the wealth gap, and provides real
retirement savings

What is Employee Ownership?

Employee ownership has many forms.  Two of the main forms are Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) and worker cooperatives. In both, employees are given a financial stake in the business. As the business prospers, employees prosper. This creates increased employee engagement and therefore an average 8% increase in productivity. Pennsylvania based ESOP NewAge Industries, Inc. has seen an 851% increase in share price since the inception of the ESOP.

Why Is This Important?

Over the next 10 years, 4.5 million businesses are going to transact. Many will sell to outside buyers and leave Pennsylvania, resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs. Other businesses will close, simply because they don’t have a succession plan. 70% of business owners over 55 say they have no succession plan.

What's your story?

Pennsylvania is full of amazing stories of employee ownership success!

“Having our employees as owners gives us a competitive advantage by contributing to Wawa’s growth...Owners devote time and energy to making their home a better place."
Chris Gheysens, CEO
“It’s not a sense of ownership, it’s genuine ownership - the employees have a completely different mentality. Employee rollover is essentially non-existent. We’ve got career chefs, career cooks, career bartenders."
Matteo Rachocki, CEO
Voodoo Brewery

Pennsylvania Center for Employee Ownership

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