60 Seconds with an ESOP Company COO

Voodoo Brewery

An ESOP since 2015, headquartered in Meadville, PA

Since transitioning to an ESOP:
-Number of employees has grown from less than 10 to 108
-Valuation grew from $450,000 to $12 million
-Opened new brewpub locations
“I’m not telling you these statistics to boast, I’m telling you because we couldn’t have done it without our employee owners.”
“Of all things that I’ve had the opportunity to do professionally this is, it’s without a doubt probably my proudest moment…when we bought out our partner, for a very hefty sum, that our bankers looked at us and said, ‘wait you’re gonna throw some of this back into a trust and you’re gonna give it to your employees?’ and we just said, yeah, we think we’re gonna do that. Huge source of pride.”
“It’s also an amazing way to give back…it gives wealth to populations that have never had access to it before.”
-Jake Voelker, COO