Employee Ownership:

The Future of (Business in) Pittsburgh

Choose your path:


  • a flexible, tax advantaged tool for business succession
  • a retirement plan that holds company stock in a trust for employees
  • Appropriate for businesses with 20 or more employees

Worker Cooperatives

  • a business jointly owned and governed by its workers
  • 83% of businesses will close when the owner exits, this is another option
  • Appropriate for any size business

Owners get paid full fair market value


Employees pay NOTHING as new owners


Sell to an ESOP gradually, or all at once


Owners get paid full fair market value


Preserves the legacy of the business


Keeps profits and jobs in the local economy


What is an ESOP?

What is a Worker Cooperative?

Is Employee Ownership Right For Me?

  • I'm thinking about a succession plan
  • I'm concerned about the legacy of my business
  • I'm interested in tax breaks for my business
  • I'd like to offer my employees a robust retirement plan
  • My business has a stable management team and a positive culture

So...what do I do now?

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The Pittsburgh Citywide Task Force on Employee Ownership

A partnership between Pittsburgh City Council, the Mayor’s Office, Chatham University, and the nonprofit PaCEO

The PaCEO exists solely to teach people about employee ownership

Pennsylvania Center for Employee Ownership

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