Bolster your business. Change lives.

Employee ownership can:

Ensure your legacy

Increase your profits and productivity

Eliminate taxes

*We don’t charge anything for our services

Succession planning and ensuring your legacy

Employee ownership rewards owners with full fair market value and provides a ready buyer

You can sell to employees gradually (10%, 49%, 75%) or all at once (100%)

Employee ownership keeps your business, and its jobs, in Pennsylvania

Increasing your profits and productivity

After transitioning to employee ownership: 


NewAge Industries, Inc.’s share price increased 851%
LB Water grew from 42 employees to 202 employees
Voodoo Brewery opened 5 new locations

Eliminating taxes

100% employee owned companies pay no federal or state tax on profits

In some cases, selling your company to employees is a tax free transaction


Some Pennsylvania employee owned companies you may know

Who we are

The Pennsylvania Center for Employee Ownership is a nonprofit organization. Our only goal is to spread awareness about the benefits of employee ownership.

Pennsylvania Center for Employee Ownership

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